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2006 Southern Regional Show Ski Tournament.

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Welcome to Stageshot Photography photos from the 2006 Southern Regional Show Ski Tournament.

It was so delightful to see so many old friends!!!!! I wish I could be more involved.

The images displayed here are for ordering purposes only and may not be copied or redistributed. Image quality does not reflect the final delivered print. Final prints will be color balanced as needed and cropped. Also note that up to 3 cameras were used. Each camera has it's own file numbering, so make sure you look through all the images.

Please see the ORDERING PAGE for an form you can print. You may either mail the order to the address on the form, or e-mail it. If you are not comfortable providing credit card information via e-mail, either mail the order form or e-mail it withouot CC info and provide your phone number and best time to reach you (preferably after 9PM). We will call to get your credit card information.

To order, specify the frame number (below the image) and size. Note that the images are not cropped, and the final image will appear differently. If there is a problem cropping for your print, we will contact you.

Shipping is $5.00 per order. Combine orders with a friend if you want to save shipping.

Prints are from a photo lab, NOT cheap computer prints. They are archive quality and won't fade with time.

It will take about 2 weeks to get your order processed and to you.

Photographers Andy Meng and Lynn Novakofski are also available to shoot any sports at all levels, corporate events, actor & modeling portfolio work, weddings, and between us pretty much anything you may need. Please inquire for rates and availability.

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