Stageshot Photography
By Andy Meng

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At long last I had the opportunity to shoot a surfing competition. Other than a couple times visiting the east coast of Florida and shooting a little, this is my first surfing photography.

The images here have been cropped but otherwise unedited. They are available for publications, and should the competitors want to order, I can provide ordering information on an individual basis.

Enjoy the photos.

Questions? email me.


The images

Round Competitors
Finals  Patrick Gudauskas (black) def. Mike Losness (white)
Semifinals Heat 1  Patrick Gudauskas (black) def. Nathaniel Curran (white)
Semifnals Heat 2  Mike Losness (white) def. Sterfling Spencer (black)
Quarterfinals Heat 1  Patrick Gudauskas (black) def. CJ Hobgood (white)
Quarterfinals Heat 2  Nathaniel Curran (white) def. Nathan Yeomans (black)
Quarterfinals Heat 3  Sterling Spencer (black) def. Cory Lopez (white)
Quarterfinals Heat 4  Mike Losness (black) def. Asher Nolan (white)
Round of 16 Heat 5  Sterling Spencer (black) def. Shea Lopez (white)
Round of 16 Heat 6  Cory Lopez (white) def. TJ Barron (black)
Round of 16 Heat 7  Mike Losness (white) def. Tony Zubizareta (black)
Round of 16 Heat 8  Asher Nolan (white) def. Damien Hobgood (black)
Other stuff   non competitors surfing, spectators, birds, etc.