Stageshot Photography

By Andy Meng

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Thank you for visiting my site, and hopefully you enjoy the photos. The main purpose of this site is of course to generate print orders, but also for the enjoyment of the participants, friends, and families. Part of this enjoyment is sharing the images with friends and family.

I am happy to share the online versions but please note that the images online are mostly unedited, and watermarked to discourage use. Please respect my wishes as the owner and creator of the images that I only want my finished work displayed. Don't copy these watermarked images. Instead . . .

On a limited basis, 2-3 images per person per game, I will edit the images and either upload a new gallery or upload them to Facebook, etc. for you to tag and enjoy. The editing will include color balancing, brightening/darkening, cropping, in some cases minor brushing, and what I see fit to create a quality image. Again, I only want quality images displayed and appreciate your understanding.

If you are on a team (which is mostly what I shoot) get together as a team and send an e-mail with a list of images from the game IN IMAGE NUMBER ORDER so I can easily select the images to be edited. List the date, opponent, then the list of image number(s). Also I normally upload them to Facebook but can consider other options. Last, the watermark will be removed but my logo will go in the bottom right corner.

If you are recently graduated, please select up to 10 images, listing the season, date (with year), opponent, and the list of image numbers. Get with your classmates to combine and make it easier on me please. A lot of my time is in simply finding and selecting the images to be edited, so please make it easier on me. Also, if you can limit the number of games instead of 1 image in this game, 1 from that, etc.

Then, if you have the watermarked shots already, delete them! Consider ordering prints and/or let your parents know there are images they can order and point them to my site.




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