University of Tampa men's soccer vs. Nova Southeastern
Photos by Tampa sports photographer Andy Meng of Stageshot Photography. ©2010 Do not copy or use without permission.
Images are mostly unedited and do not reflect final image quality. They are for viewing and ordering only. Edited images, if any, are at the end of the gallery

4H9A9080 4H9A9081 4H9A9083 4H9A9088 4H9A9091
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4H9A9093 4H9A9094 4H9A9097 4H9A9100 4H9A9108
4H9A9093.jpg 4H9A9094.jpg 4H9A9097.jpg 4H9A9100.jpg 4H9A9108.jpg
4H9A9113 4H9A9115 4H9A9117 4H9A9123 4H9A9127
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4H9A9136 4H9A9138 4H9A9140 4H9A9141 4H9A9142
4H9A9136.jpg 4H9A9138.jpg 4H9A9140.jpg 4H9A9141.jpg 4H9A9142.jpg
4H9A9143 4H9A9154 4H9A9157 4H9A9169 4H9A9176
4H9A9143.jpg 4H9A9154.jpg 4H9A9157.jpg 4H9A9169.jpg 4H9A9176.jpg
4H9A9180 4H9A9181 4H9A9188 4H9A9192 4H9A9196
4H9A9180.jpg 4H9A9181.jpg 4H9A9188.jpg 4H9A9192.jpg 4H9A9196.jpg
4H9A9198 4H9A9208 4H9A9212 4H9A9213 4H9A9214
4H9A9198.jpg 4H9A9208.jpg 4H9A9212.jpg 4H9A9213.jpg 4H9A9214.jpg
4H9A9227 4H9A9229 4H9A9230 4H9A9231 4H9A9232
4H9A9227.jpg 4H9A9229.jpg 4H9A9230.jpg 4H9A9231.jpg 4H9A9232.jpg
4H9A9234 4H9A9236 4H9A9242 4H9A9245 4H9A9246
4H9A9234.jpg 4H9A9236.jpg 4H9A9242.jpg 4H9A9245.jpg 4H9A9246.jpg
4H9A9250 4H9A9251 4H9A9257 4H9A9258 4H9A9262
4H9A9250.jpg 4H9A9251.jpg 4H9A9257.jpg 4H9A9258.jpg 4H9A9262.jpg
4H9A9265 4H9A9268 4H9A9273 4H9A9277 4H9A9278
4H9A9265.jpg 4H9A9268.jpg 4H9A9273.jpg 4H9A9277.jpg 4H9A9278.jpg
4H9A9280 4H9A9281 4H9A9290 4H9A9311 4H9A9313
4H9A9280.jpg 4H9A9281.jpg 4H9A9290.jpg 4H9A9311.jpg 4H9A9313.jpg
4H9A9318 4H9A9321 4H9A9322 4H9A9323 4H9A9329
4H9A9318.jpg 4H9A9321.jpg 4H9A9322.jpg 4H9A9323.jpg 4H9A9329.jpg
4H9A9330 4H9A9335 4H9A9340 4H9A9348 4H9A9355
4H9A9330.jpg 4H9A9335.jpg 4H9A9340.jpg 4H9A9348.jpg 4H9A9355.jpg
4H9A9357 4H9A9360 4H9A9361 4H9A9362 4H9A9364
4H9A9357.jpg 4H9A9360.jpg 4H9A9361.jpg 4H9A9362.jpg 4H9A9364.jpg
4H9A9367 4H9A9368 4H9A9373 4H9A9375 4H9A9376
4H9A9367.jpg 4H9A9368.jpg 4H9A9373.jpg 4H9A9375.jpg 4H9A9376.jpg
4H9A9377 4H9A9379 4H9A9380 4H9A9387 4H9A9388
4H9A9377.jpg 4H9A9379.jpg 4H9A9380.jpg 4H9A9387.jpg 4H9A9388.jpg
4H9A9400 4H9A9406      
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