Stageshot Photography

By Andy Meng

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Thanks for your order.

Ordering is finally automated. All 2010/2011 photos and forward are on my Zenfolio site at:

If you think there should be photos, e-mail me. For ordering images not on my Zenfolio page including all pre-2010 photos, e-mail me with the event and date, and I will upload that folder to Zenfolio for ordering.

Questions? email me.


Price List for 2010/2011
(also on ordering form)

Size / Media

First Image Cost

Additional copies of same photo

4" x 6"



5" x 7"



8" x 10"



11" x 14" (1)



16" x 20"(1)



20x30 poster(1)



Digital image


color balanced, personal use only
set for 5x7 and 8x10 print, and web

 Contact me directly for all products below
Some other items not on the ordering form, email me for more details 
 Christmas Cards  Comes with envelopes, 4x8
30 Pack   $30.00  
50 Pack   $45.00  
100 Pack   $80.00  
150 Pack   $110.00  
200 Pack   $125.00  
 All your images on disk, unedited with unlimited non-commercial use.
From any 1 game   $75.00  
From a season  $150.00  
From a career  $350.00  

If you see a photo of yourself in the crowd as a non-action shot and want a web copy for facebook, etc. please contact me directly with your request. On a limited basis I will send web versions for use on myspace, facebook, etc.

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